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TexaKona Cold-Brewed Coffee

Introducing the TexaKona Cold-Brewed Coffee, a whole new way of having some bold, strong infused coffee, zero calories, and with a slight sweet kick to it that will make you want to run through an entire bottle. 

This drink is normally served cold but with this innovative drink you can serve your self up with some excellent hot coffee that provides a totally different experience to your TexaKona Cold-Brewed Coffee!

New TexaKona Krackle!!!

As if our coffee wasn't addictive enough...This blend of Heavenly Hawaiian 100% Kona Coffee with Macadamia Nuts is a addictive treat for any candy lover!  Break it into pieces and share with a friend or even shave some over a pastry for a crunchy coffee topping! There's nothing like TexaKona Krackle!

New TexaKona Koko Beans!!!

Kona Koko are Smooth, round, rich Peaberry Kona coffee beans roasted and rolled in chocolate! Great uplifting treat! 2 Sizes: 8 oz bag or 3 oz tin.


TexaKona Blends.... Great coffee from around the world, infused with our smooth Kona!

Swahili Six Gun

We were shooting for something bold when we captured the perfect Kenya AA to blend with our award-winning Kona. It hits its target! Swahili is the language of Kenya, but we speak coffee here in the West. The wild nature of East African coffees, dried in the sun, brings out bold, sharp-shooting taste! Kenya beans yield notes like grapefruit, carbon (a good kind) and dark cocoa…..and our Kona makes it bolder, richer and more aromatic. So in our corner of Texas, we formed this special cup of bliss that will have you seeing wildest Africa as you wake up the West with Swahili Six Gun.

Bombay BlueBonnet

We love India’s allure, energy, aroma, flavors and joyful festivals. We’ve captured India and added some smooth Kona for a perfect cup of joy. Monsooned Malabar, India’s finest bean, has a rich history of days it was shipped to Europe around the cape of GoodHope through freezing seas to tropical humidity, where it landed with a unique flavor best for espressos. So turn up the Bollywood and dance! Here in our little corner of Texas, we’ve taken the excellence of Hawaii and added the fullness of India to make an earthy, full-bodied cup of rich Bombay Bluebonnet.

Costa Rican Campfire(Decaf)

Night. Crackle, sip, coyote howl in the background and bliss in your cup. Imagine the warmth of the best decaf you’ve ever had! When you love coffee enough to drink it all day, but don’t want to miss sleeping under the stars, then Costa Rican Campfire Decaf is your best buddy. Pull off your boots and let the smooth, smoky, walnut, bold flavors be a part of your evening. You won’t remember its decaf. We are blessed to each see the same sky while sipping on our farm in Kona, Hawaii or here at the roastery in our corner of Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas.

Limited Availabillity!

Heavenly Hawaiian 100% Pure Kona

100% Kona Coffee. Outstanding mellow, less dense, smooth but fuller bodied flavor. Remarkable aftertaste. Excellent pricing for larger quantity uses at home or at the office.

TexaKona Merchandise!

Enjoy your Kona Coffee while spreading the word through our endless merchandise that will definitely leave the impression, "Where Hula meets Howdy!"


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